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Scarey Games / Spooky Games

What are the scariest games you have played?

Mine are (In reverse order)

5) Resident Evil (PSX) - Wasn't as scary as people made out, a good couple of surprises tho!

4) Resident Evil 2 (PSX) - As above but bigger

3) Clive Barkers Undying (PC) - Quite a chilling game, with some atmospheric music etc (Which sets the scene perfectly)

2) Silent Hill (PSX) - What can I say, whenever I play this (Widescreen TV, Prologic Surround Sound) the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention, especially when outside in that fog and those pteradactyl type things are hovering..

1) Savage (Amiga) - Strange one for a number 1 this, but for sheer scare the living crap outta me it wins. Why? Well when I first got it and booted it up my Amiga was running through my mums stereo (A few yrs back now) and the stereo unbeknown to me was extremely loud. Anyway I was chatting to a friend and suddenly there was this horrendous loud growl type scream type thing (SAAAAAAVVVVAAAAAGGGGEEEE) well not loading the game before and the stereo being SO LOUD , I looked around in absolute terror for this person!!

Seems stupid now, but I'd never been so scared in my entire life!

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