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I only know of 2 that i still occasionally see. the 1st is Dave who first bought his Amiga in 1990, so i soon followed in the same year. in about 1995, he stopped using his Amiga and went to the Playstation.

And then there is Martin who swapped games with me, and was my main Amiga buddy. Most of more memorable gaming years were spent with this guy, and he was a great mate as well!. Playing Steel Empire, Dogs Of War, Mortal Kombat ..etc.. in 2 player was brilliant!... or just trying to get through Katakis while the other watched and took his turn next to see if he could get further!?.. lol..

Another funny thing that Marty would do too was when he was dead tired, he would just bow his head down for a 5 minute sleep and play for another 6 hours!.. hehe..

There was another friend i havent seen in years that was really into the Amiga and that was Nigel !?.. you out there mate, you reading this??... you still in Bundaberg?.
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