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i downloaded this game for the PC and played it today, and i'm with z00mba on this one, it's crap.

sure the graphics would have ben nice it's day (never played the amiga version, i was a PC guy by then) but everything he said is true.

imagine you're in that position:

"hmm, i'm stuck, cant get past this fence......perhaps if that laser gets me, it wont kill me.....yeah....just sting me so hard i jump right over this fence.....yeah...thats what i'll do......"


"oh yeah, i'm a genuis, shame i'm nearly dead......hmm, another fence......well, i'm feeling rather if life was an energy bar i'd be nearly out by now....perhaps i'll roll under this next fence...."

*rolls under*

"oh yeah, double genius....wished i'd thought if that last time, i wouldnt have burnt my jeans..."

seriously, i played this game for like 10 mins, saw what i was in for and promptly deleted it. wasnt even worth what i paid for it..
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