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Originally Posted by rodi
Hello Everybody,

Titan, the webmaster of the site Amigamuseum has succeeded to create an iso of 136 Mo fo Amiga games for Playstation 2,, and it works.

Go to the site , and go to the menu at the left, after that go to the forum, go to Emulation Amiga General and go to the post << un Amiga dans ma playstation 2 !!! >>.

Contact Titan to have this iso or to have more info.

Now, you can play Shadow of the Beast on PS2 and a lot of others games.

Also if you dont have a hard drive in your ps2 just download the games or demos etc from the many adf sharing websites and burn the .zip files at 4X speed to a data cd.

after you have booted the main emulator cd and have the white screen with the disk press START on ps2 controller,now press the cd tray eject button and put in the data cd you just burnt once its in just select the floppy drive 0 and select what demos or games u want to play.

I Had figure this out myself so i could play and watch downloaded games and demos which are not on this collection released by TITAN....

Also That link is dead where can i get the NEW v2.0 of this emulator ?? I know it was released, i have the v1.0 and its kinda slow,I wanted to get the new one could someone upload it to the zone ???


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