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Originally Posted by manicx
Sorry, you are wrong here. OnEscapee is a very balanced arcade/adventure game.
I don't how the genre of a game make it good or bad... where's the logic behind this?

onEscapee have horrible controls, the caracter respond when he want (maybe it could be faster to send him a fax when you want to make it do something).

Try run, roll, run again... you can't because the caracter get stuck on rolling movement so you have to stop, presse up, the run again.

The fight sequence are very unprecise and completly boring. The better made a point and click adventure and don't bother with the crappy action part.

Movements are very limited, you can't for example grab a corner, etc. The game was even announced to be of the family of Flashback and AW... I can only laugh.

Try to jump or roll when you are near some obsctacle or just too near to the border of the screen: you can't the caracter stay fixed like nothing happened. Try that in any other game... what happens?

Try to move near a hole or some enemies, the game simply jump to a death scene, you don't even know what happened. And most of the time nothing happened really, you just had your toes approching too near of an hole or a monster 'magically' killed you without actually entering in contact with the main sprite... come'on!

As for the so called adventure part the hardest thing was to find how to pass throu some completly illogical puzzle (well sort of) like:

1. Get hit by a laser to jump over a fence because there is no other way to do it while on the next screen there is the exact same fence and you just have to roll under it. L A M E.

2. Press up to get into a super hidden secret passage, so well hidden that there is no passage on the screen! It's just plain black. Pathetic.

3. Shoot a barrel, nothing happens... go away: the barrel explode. Come'on... shoot the barrel a million time: nothing happened. That's great gameplay yeah.

4. and much much more...

The only good idea was the 3 logic games but they are very easy and all based on the same idea with minor change, the rest of the game is pure crap and never comes near to the hits this game was inspired by (Flashback, Another World, Prince of Persia...).
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