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I wanted to also make an Amiga port of SuperSprint

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT
Is underway.

I will simply port the Atari ST version directly, I'm not interested in making it Amiga enhanced, as there are better clones of this game already on Amiga (Nitro as a for instance).

All graphics are ripped, and work has begun on conversion of the music. Sound effects will be replaced.
Super Sprint was my all time favorite ST game, I own an Amiga and I played this game at a friend home.
We knew it perfectly for example the score are displayed with one decimal while its internaly coded with 2 with a precision equal to .02 meaning that you could have 5.20 5.22 score and so on. So our highscores wer're written in paper. There's also a bug in the last circuit where you can kill the computer while playing at 3 against the computer and so grab as many bonus and key as you want to buy options.

Not too long ago I did a disassembly of the code, its clean as it nearly do not contain any datas. I was able to re-assemble it under ST emulator and it worked fine. My plan was then to identify input/output for sound, gfx, files, keyboard, joystick and replace them with Amiga specific code but I got lazy by then...

If you want it I've the .prg source code of the Atari ST version.
I don't say that I'll never do it but I just found a new job and its top priority for now...

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