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Originally Posted by keropi
let's be reallistic... every amiga OS is less advanced and has less support + programs, there is no way it can compete with OSX or windows...
Look at linux, it has much support, many progs but still cannot compete with the "leaders"
It would require a huge effort to bring AOS to such a level...
the way I see it , this is a dream... too good to be true...
Agree. It would be an uphill battle all the way, but what is needed in that case, is advertisement, and the understanding that the OS it self needs to be MUCH more userfriendly than linux.

Linux has made the "mistake" of being branched out in to many different compilations that are not always compatable.Also Linux can not be said the be userfriendly at all....Granted it has come a long from the begining, but you still need to be a semi nerd to be able to understand what you are doing and how to operate, let a lone install it.

The key is to make the x86 AMIGA OS so userfriendly that ordinary people will be able to install it with out nowing if he/she is running on a hafferlaffer, of hifferdiffer processor, a gÿlmerööt, or a weismanknöpfler chip set.....(If you get my drift. Let the install process be automatik, easy, and the cd's/dvd's bloated with option, so that nothing needs to be downloaded first, and all mr, or ms. hansen has to do is to insert the cd/dvd that is requested durring the install process.

"Welcome to the install process.....

Now installing AMIGA OS on your computer. Please wait.

Please insert DVD nr 3.

Installation done. welcome to the AMIGA universe, and enjoy"

Let the part where you emulate/run old programs be for the more nerdy people if they want it so, but if widespread usage of the AMIGA OS is to have ANY chance, it needs to cater for the regular user, as well as the gamer, and the nerd.

Like there product or not, MS got it right with there Windows series. It is FAR from perfect.....i guess we can ALL agree on that, but it is the most userfriendly (seen from the average users point of view), it had a company with a marketing strategy behind it. That made there succes.
I am pretty sure that the same thing can be done by another company on the same hardware platform.....I just hope it would be the AMIGA.

Make it windows compatable? Yeah..Sure. Why not? HUGE software base to grab from.

"MS Word is now starting......Dumbing down and bloating your Amiga OS......"

Who do we preasure to get things started?
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