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Originally Posted by Widriksen
The only "last hope" for the AMIGA is for it's software to be ported over....and FAST! Apple has done so and they might just be able to gain ground on MS on the OS marked. Why not let AMIGA join in on that marked too?

Thoughts any one?
I agree... we've got the hardware cheap enough and its good...but we need AmigaOS... or alternatives to WinBloat... but with all those X86 games on Windows machines it would be handy to be able to Dual Boot Windows and Amiga or handy if there were libraries available to allow you to keep running Amiga but play those nice DirectX games etc?

Would be a challenge but if there was an AmigaOS I think some of those Miggy enthusiasts who use PCs now might well return and the small developer could return?
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