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I for one would LOVE to se the AMIGA OS runing nativly on an x86 platform.
Even Apple has seen the futility in beating a dead horse, and started with the intel platform.
Now that 64 bit and dual core processors are available even the amiga one platform (who ever dreamed up that sorry idea?) will have to realize that the old days are over, and that the "old" amiga is gone. My current PC will kick the a** of any stock amiga out there even the fastest A1, and im running a "bloated XP".......When i REALLY wanted to be running AMIGA OS....NATIVLY.....not on an emulator.

Would it be great to have the A/OS running, using the hardware more efficiently, running all the old Amiga games/apps in a window, while having all the advantage of a the newer hardware?

As i wrote in another post somewhere: I still love my AMIGA's (both of them), and i am running the OS3.9 on an emu right now. I haven't completely givin up on it.
But reality is: The x86 platform won. There is no way that an new hardware platform can compete with the marked that the x86 platform has now. No point in even trying. The list is long. Atari, Amiga,Sun, and a lot more "specialized" hardware platforms are either gone, or switched over to the x86 platform.
The only "last hope" for the AMIGA is for it's software to be ported over....and FAST! Apple has done so and they might just be able to gain ground on MS on the OS marked. Why not let AMIGA join in on that marked too?

Thoughts any one?
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