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Originally Posted by Mungo
All interesting stuff. Thanks for posting it all.

I always got the impression that ComradeJ had more in common with the industry than the scene. Though find it hard to see what he would gain, other than wodges of cash, for the 'expert' witness stuff. The expert bit would have been fairly tenuous by that point anyway - "I was active on the scene about six or so years ago in a non-cracking group without so much as a bbs your honour" - I mean wtf?!

Maybe he felt some kind of strange guilt for teaching so many future crackers to code.....
Yeah but try and get a barrister to explain Blue Boxing... ??

"My lord, this is where the defendant did something clever with the phone system" (yes, thats what he REALLY said).. I still have some nice hi-res pics of the screen showing all the BBS numbers and UADialer... I wonder if that still works (not that there is a need to phreak these days)
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