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Originally Posted by MajicMushroom
heh Must admit, I'm liking it too, especially since 2 arch enemies have become friends!

It's good to see more and more old skool sceners making their way here.
Couldn't agree more on both counts.

WayneK - I knew Ezy pretty well and would see him and Mark (Can't remember his scene name for the life of me - He was in Razor for a while) from time to time in The Venue down in New Cross. Remember getting very drunk with them both on more than one occaision. Saw them both turn from nice clean-cut hippy lads into boozed-up, NIN loving goths.

Would see TIW from SAE down there every now and then too.

To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me if you and I had crossed paths in Croydon/Mitcham at some point. In fact, I think we did. Might just be my memory playing tricks on me though. PM me and we'll try and get to the bottom of it

Do you still see anything of Ezy?

That song _was_ hilarious, but probably only if you knew Sabrewulf in person. It seemed like Ricky's role in the scene was to have the piss ripped out of him and to get high phone bills. Poor lad - I remember him being involved in at least one conference call where all the other participants ripped him stupid

Sarek2k - Yeah, gutting isn't it.
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