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Originally Posted by Kodoichi
Nevermind the map, I found a walkthrough. Though now I'm stuck underwater at the oil barrels. The solution says to shoot them then hide back into the water due to the explosion, but when I shoot them, nothing happens. I can go on and shoot them without anything happening. Is this a bug?

Jenesis: The 2nd code is next to the door of the club on the wall.

Edit: Reloaded a savestate. It was indeed a bug.
Not a bug but a lame coded game... you have to shoot the barrels *ONCE* (nothing happens) then turn back to jump into the water and then they will 'auto-magically' explode...

Originally Posted by Monsieur OUXX
Now I'm blocked somewhere else and I'm frightened thinking that I could have done something wrong that I couldn't undo : it's where there is a giant crab that eats you if you don't jump over it. At the beginning of this level, there is a kind of pterodactyl flying at the top of the screen. Do you have to do something with it before it flys away, or do you just have to deal with the monster hanging from the ceiling and with the passage behind the waterfall?
No. Just jump over the crab monster, then when you are near that strange snake-green-worm shoot it once then QUICKLY run to pass throu it. Just after the snake there is an hidden passage in the cavern wall (in the swadowed area) just press forward to enter it. You should save before the snake because it's kinda hard to shoot it then run throu it as it will prolly eat you a few times before you can get it right.

I made a map of the city if someone still need it...
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