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New Amiga Game Released

I've just uploaded a game called Tank Wars to Aminet, which I've written in the past few weeks. It's one of those overhead, shoot-each-other type things for 2-5 players (or for 2-3 players if you don't have a joystick adaptor). It features 25 different levels, a league option (from 1-50 matches, with save feature) and powerups and time limits, which are both optional.

It's not exactly original, and the code's not great, but it does work and I hope it provides a modicum of entertainment.

It should also work on pretty much any Amiga (except for OS4), although I wait to be proved wrong!

When it does appear on Aminet, it'll be in the game/2play directory. Please try it out, and let me know what you think of it. Thanks!

[Blatant plug over]
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