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Monsieur OUXX
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Thanks to this forum, I discovered and tried OnEscapee.
Unfortunately, some of the puzzles err... puzzle me

Someone said in a previous post that he uploaded a walkthrough in "the Zone" but WHAT the hell is "the Zone"?

I'm quite surprised to discover that sometimes you can be definitely blocked in the game if you did a wrong action, with no chance to try again if you didn't make a proper savegame at the right time.
It happened to me when I had to kill the "false-bush-monster" at the right place (if you kill it at the wrong place, you're blocked).

Now I'm blocked somewhere else and I'm frightened thinking that I could have done something wrong that I couldn't undo : it's where there is a giant crab that eats you if you don't jump over it. At the beginning of this level, there is a kind of pterodactyl flying at the top of the screen. Do you have to do something with it before it flys away, or do you just have to deal with the monster hanging from the ceiling and with the passage behind the waterfall?
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