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Originally posted by StarEye : On the 3D topic, I love 3D as much as I love 2D games. I can't imagine how games like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell or even Pro Evolution Soccer would work in 2D.
Pro Ev ??? Sensible soccer, Kick off series nuff said!

@Mick Aka when i say FPS i don't mean Frames Per Second i mean First person shooter Yes i love the Command & Conquer games but i would call those isometric 3d infact i've just come off Cnc Zero hour with Reloaded mod great game I do look like the ODD 3d fps game like halo but thats only cause it was so different from the norm run of the mill boring shite they throw out! I am also playing and loving Oblivion.

Just installed Rise of Legends too i liked the last one but i am finding this new one very weird
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