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Originally Posted by Mungo
Bloody hell. They obviously hadn't done their research

I quit the scene properly (I'd been on and off since mid 91 I think) in 1992 so missed all of that. I heard rumours that Psygnosis were super pissed with Anthrox for cracking one of their games (Before they released it I think), so I think I quit at the right time.

As I've said, I was strictly 'demo only' and fairly inactive by that point. But you never knew who they'd be after. Besides, beer and shagging were proving to be way more fun than the Amiga

I remember having to dump my Amiga (and about 400 disks) around a friends for a while at some point in 89/90. Pointlessly really as I was very small fish in the grand scheme of things. But it was easy to get caught up in the excitement

Most of those early bust rumours were just that. Rumours.

The only person who I ever knew to get busted was Dream Warrior. I think they had him for using someones PBX in a naughty, and wrong, way rather than anything strictly piracy related. Though I may be wrong on that.
It wasn't Psygnosis it was Core Design and it was WonderDog, they were 'jolly not happy at all'.

Spookily, Jolyon Ralph (Comrade J/SAE) wrote Photogenics or had a part in it for Almathera, and they were also 'not super happy' with me. I didn't even realise its expense. some group I don't remember the name of couldn't crack it, I did it and didn't get caught out by the checksums, and gave it back to them to release. Apparently I was persona non grata and they wanted to find out where I lived so they could have me prosecuted!

It had totally the opposite effect on me, I wasn't scared at all, I loved the attention.... albeit brief as it was!
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