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Hahaha. Kewl gfx dewd!

Nice that you kept all that old stuff. I lost my miggy ages ago. But what really upsets me is losing my A590. All my graphics, all the old Anthrox stuff - all gone. At least most of the ATX demos are around online, but losing my old work hurts. Even if it was a bit crap compared to the top gfx bods of the time.

Firefly and Havok were two of the most sound people I ever met on the scene. They both joined Anthrox after Qube died. Havok quit the scene soon after (If I remember rightly), but Firefly coded us an excellent little intro.

Yeah, Harlequin rings a bell too. So long ago....

Skol joined Anthrox too. Can't remember ever really having much contact with him (That side of the group was more Hydro's look out and it was around the time I was getting very lazy and fading off of the scene), didn't ever hear anything about who coded that intro.

Could have been anyone by that time, Slipstream were a shadow of the group they once were.
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