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Originally Posted by MajicMushroom
Anarchy and Digital was more of a local feud than a fight, a lot of demo scene willy waving really
Yeah, there was always a lot of that going on

I think the Anarchy/Qube one was the only war that ever got serious. Havoc had to be pulled off of Kris at one of the shows from what I heard.

Hahaha. You did well keeping that 'Pube' demo quiet. Everyone I knew just assumed it was Anarchy.

Hydro and I knocked up a couple of RSI demo creator 'demos' (He did the [ahem] 'code' and I did the [cough] 'music') for a couple of groups. 'Genestealers' were the lucky recipients of one of them, can't remember who else.

Totally random of course - Neither group had really done anything to upset us (other than be a bit 'lame'). Was good fun though
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