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Originally Posted by MajicMushroom
I remember the Digital Party 91, you were staring at me, I was staring at you, each knowing who each other were and thinking, "If he was serious about fighting me, he'd be over like a shot" heh.

Yeah, I vaguely remember that. Made things quite awkward for a lot of people who got on with both of us.

Originally Posted by MajicMushroom
There always has been wars between groups - Anarchy and Digital had a huge battle, with them mostly being Barnsley / Yorkshire based. I remember people hating Qube as well, in fact do you remember a pisstake intro by Pube?

I don't know who did that *cough* :P
Yes, I wonder.

Edit: Actually, I really do wonder. I always thought that was Anarchy! As far as I know, so did Qube. Something you're not telling us?

'We can't code, but we can suck dicks' was the slogan. I think the thing that really did kick off the fight was Mole/Anarchy spreading that unfinished Qube demo (which looked like it would have been excellent had Firefly ever finished it). Mole quit the scene soon after that.

Qube's 'bootloader by Kris' thing was pretty funny in return. Ezy used a hex editor to change the Ecstasy one, which in all fairness it looked like Anarchy had ripped from Ecstasy lock, stock and barrel, to credit Kris.

I thought it was genuinely an Anarchy product for a while. The first I knew about it was when Mr. Big asked me to 'stop using that fucking bootloader for Christ's sake' on my packs.

It was pretty heavy going when all of that kicked off. I'd be talking to Firefly or Ezy one minute, listening to them slating Anarchy, and then talking to Mr. Big or Mystik the next and hearing it go the other way.

Had really good friends on both sides. So am glad neither group tried to drag us into it. As a group, we were closer to Qube/Ecstasy though - I used to live down the road from most of them.

Had enough arguments of our own to be getting on with at the time.

Don't recall a lot of the Digital/Anarchy one. Might have been after my time.

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