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@ Mungo:

Yeah, got a fair amount of shit from a few smaller groups. At the end of the day it was the leaders of the groups in Unity who voted whether or not other groups could join.

The actual premise of Unity was born off the back of the "Friendship" movement in Europe. The idea was for the groups in Unity to get together to produce co-op demos. The bigger aim was a megademo style production with a part by each group. Sadly it never got that far.

The scrollers you wrote were part and parcel of something quite high profile for the UK failing. Scroll-text is just that, text. I remember the Digital Party 91, you were staring at me, I was staring at you, each knowing who each other were and thinking, "If he was serious about fighting me, he'd be over like a shot" heh.

The phone calls I never took serious, it wasn't like it was difficult to find out my address and phone number, it was plastered all over my packs.

The group popping up called "Rage against the mushroom" did make me slightly paranoid though heh

There always has been wars between groups - Anarchy and Digital had a huge battle, with them mostly being Barnsley / Yorkshire based. I remember people hating Qube as well, in fact do you remember a pisstake intro by Pube?

I don't know who did that *cough* :P
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