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Originally Posted by MajicMushroom
heh The Unity thing didn't turn out how it was supposed to have.

To be honest if I met my 15/16/17 year old self today, they'd probably get a firm, but fair, punch in the gob.

Had no idea you copped so much grief over it. I always thought the agro you had from me was as bad as it got. I guess I was mistaken.

Always liked Ipec Elite myself. Can't remember if I knew Birdy, I was in contact with someone from IE on, pretty much, a weekly basis for a while. I think it was Birdy (Sorry if you ever read this, my memory is bad at the best of times. Let alone after so many years). You're right though, they were having severe problems anyway. So to blame a movement that didn't really mean much is pretty tenuous.

By 1991, I remember the UK scene had become very eliteist. It was very difficult for any small groups to get so much as a look in. Even the 'big' groups had some very deep-seated issues with one another. There was real hatred between LSD and Anthrox and I seem to remember members of Anarchy and Ecstacy/Qube coming to blows at one point.

All a bit silly looking back on it

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