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Originally Posted by alewis
Couple guys from Bournemouth, one who wrote the BBS s/w to challenge Ami/X
That'd be Dominic Clifton aka Hydra.

Originally Posted by alewis
Dangermouse (Dave) who used to run The Tower BBS, moved to New Zealand in 1993/4

James, sysop of a large scene bbs that was busted.... was it an FLT bbs? One of the biggest in UK. Cant remember name
I wonder how well you knew James.... the board wasn't a Faglight board although the link to Faglight was that JBM grassed James to get his Centersoft account closed as Faglight struggled to beat James's supply and if you can't beat them then you cheat....

Funny but NOMAD and Splatt from FLT even rang to apologise about how bad that was....

James was sysop of Arcadia, a small 5 node BBS which at the time it was busted was the UK's largest warez BBS
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