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Originally Posted by SilentBob
Before you know it they'll port it to x86.
It may not be that stupid an idea... even if unwelcome to most 'die-hards'.

I don't believe OS4 in it's current form will ever be released as a final version.

I think OS4 + A1 are an engineering 'proof-of-concept', not a platform for people to buy.

Hyperion have spent much effort writing this code & I understand it is quite portable. They will have gained a lot of useful experience for the future, & in AOS4 + A1 a shop window for their tallents.

Now they need buyer(s).
That may not result in a full desktop OS that we would find useful, & even if so will be on whatever platform the customer specifies: Likley something cheap + available, like x86.
- An x86 Mini-ITX board as a base for an embeded system?? -

I can't see anyone investing in a 'lightweight' OS & then spending any more money than they must on hardware. ( PPC boards are expensive )

Having said all that if any Amiga-nut was to put up sufficient cash to produce a viable desktop AOS4 platform - I'd buy one. ( Especially if x86 based, as I'd feel somewhat protected )

Sadly I think AOS4 has missed the boat regarding the future of the Amiga desktop.
If you are happy with 68k - good, nothing wrong with it.
If not; AROS is the only viable way to go for the future.

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