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Originally Posted by valen
I was shocked to realise none of them had *seen* an amiga before, never mind coded it. Back in Ireland, it seemed every kid my age either had one, or were wondering if they could sell a sibling's internal organs to get one.
Yeah in Australia its pretty much the same thing. They all know what a Commodore 64 is, but none know what an Amiga is?

The next step for most people over here was to go to the PC after the C64 and not the Amiga which they had never heard of, but what i dont get is that the Amiga was Commodore's next big machine after the C64, and if you loved the C64 enough you would have known about the Amiga?.. but they never did???.. i dont know how it passed people by even though it was advertised on TV and that it was on display in the games section of most major outlets!.

It was even the major prize for some schools to win on kids games shows ???? How?, Why? did it not get noticed?. everyone else was forking out twice the amount for a CGA piece of crap that was the PC ????..

Very confused about that one
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