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yea you cant hide anything like that in a suitcase, the second it went into the x ray machine you would be hauled away, your bag blown up in a controlled explosion and bam! you're in guantanamo bay!
Yeah, I went to the US with a bunch of handheld RF devices and barcode scanners in my bag (my company installed them) in 2000 and I guess in the x-ray looked suspicious. The security officer asked what was in the bag and I told him while I brought one out to show him. He freaked out and thought I was going to detonate or something then told me never to open a bag - "WE open the bags". I wonder what would have happened to me if this was AFTER 2001?

"We hope you enjoyed your flight on Guantanamo Airlines. Please notice that while the 'Fasten Seatbelts' sign is now off, you will be unable to unfasten them."
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