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@ Mungo:

heh The Unity thing didn't turn out how it was supposed to have. I think a lot of "chinese whispers" went on between groups about it. But yeah, it wasn't one of my better ideas.

But it was a long time ago, 1991 to be precise - I copped a lot of shit for it, had a few dodgy phone calls at 2 in the morning threatening to break my legs, but hey, I can look after myself.

The whole Unity thing didn't do good for Ipec Elite, they split up after not getting into the Unity movement. I was blamed for that also, but I have spoken at length with Birdy several times about this and was told Unity was only the straw that broke the camels back - Ipec were on their arse, even if the rest of the scene didn't know it.

@ Sarek:

Thanks dude, I need to look into getting the files on torrent. I'll talk to you on MSN later when my hangover subsides!

Thanks for the kind words too, I'm sure Mungo knows that 15 years on we're all of a different mindset, and given that he's probably the same age as me, we were all a bit hot-headed at 17
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