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Amiga 1000 in computer history museum, ca

I called into the Computer History Museum, in Mountain View, CA. Pretty much the heart of silicon valley, five miles from where the first Amigas were designed.

One of the first machines you see as you go in the door of the exhibit hall is an A1000, looking lonely and unused, in with all the old Apple, Atari and IBM hardware of the eighties and early nineties. The guys I went to the museum with joined me for beer afterwards, and we discussed stuff. I was shocked to realise none of them had *seen* an amiga before, never mind coded it. Back in Ireland, it seemed every kid my age either had one, or were wondering if they could sell a sibling's internal organs to get one.

It brought a tear to my eye, and I was wondering; what's the going rate for an A1000, or a A4000HD these days ? Are most of them long broken by now ? I'd love to get one & rekindle some memories. UAE just won't cut it.

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