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Retrogaming room - tips needed


I am soon going to build my own house. In that house i'm going to have a room that is MINE only (Yes! my wife let me have that! ).

Since there are so many folks here committed to both retrogaming in general and consoll playing i thought this would be a good start to get some tips:

Is there anyone who has some smart solutions to how they have organized their old Pc's, consolls etc? With smart i mean
- tidy, no mess
- all the machines are "ready for action". Just turn on, and start playing.
- spacesaving, and there should be room for new consols in the future.
- Minimize the need for TV/monitors (ex: PS3 og Xbox use the same TV/projector. In the future there should be possible to hook up Xbox360/PS4 etc in the same tidy manner)
- minimize the need for cabling (in and out with cables, they should be preset)

Anyone understand what mean?

What irritates me now is that I have a c64, A500, Xbox, 4 Pc's and a Tiki100. It's only my main PC and the Xbox who stands in the spotlight, i never turn the others on because its to much effort to get them up from the boxes and my wife complains of the mess when i do.

I want to BRAG about my c64 and Amiga, and that means it should be standing there where people see it.
And I really would like to get hold on some other old and new machines too in the future (A1200, Wii, PS3) and those also need some space.

The room dedicated to me is going to be about 25-30 m2, so there should be good space.

Any ideas or links to other sites of inspiration is very much appreciated!
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