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Exclamation The REAL issue

Whether or not the above named AIAB & Game base Amiga programmes are free to download or NOT the issue is answered in another thread.

Once you make it TOO eazy for people to just "plug & play " with a single disk package it is guarenteed the rip off pirates will copy your FREE disk & sell it as a finished package.

You will NOT be able to stop it, for the same reason the Amiga 32 cd's that were being given away as free downloads from my site at were removed BECAUSE they were found to contain complete BORROWED packages to play them.

Your personal integrity is NOT in question Synchro , I personally beleive you would rather have redhot needles shoved in your eyes than become a profiteer over our beloved platform.

The reality is that even with best intension there are lazy opertunistic assholes who will steal your work in order to make money as they care NOT where it came from or the work that went into it....just HOW MUCH CAN I MAKE....without any effort

Your frustration I understand better to place a document in the package that lists where these 2 "Key" programmes can be downloaded from ....but NOT as a web link....just a text.

Then as the size of these programmes is NOT huge you still have a completed DVD but those with genuine intetrest must take the time to go through a "README FILE" not so hard is it ?

PS LOVE the front end graphics above
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