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Question If I could develop an Amiga now, it would have.....

Okay here's the challange everyone. Although we might hear the occasional whisper of a vaunted "new amiga", I'm personally sick of any official vapourware rumours, so let's create our own.
You've inherited Billy Gates billions as a lost lovechild & bought Amiga Inc. & can design your own Amiga to unleash on the computing PC masses. Money is no object to make this machine....

What would you include to intice people from PSX2, Nintendo's, X'boxes & of course Windows PC's & make the Amiga the all-round adaptable computing & gaming platform once more??

This includes O/S software, broadband connections, anything!!
Even create a series ala A500/1200/CD32 & A2000/3000/4000 if you want to have a professional/gaming markets if you like.
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