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Originally Posted by sarek2k
@Mungo why would anyone have Hatred for Majicmushroom???
It was to do with a bunch of really lame little groups getting together into a silly and completely pointless 'club' called Unity. They were all friends and they were all happy. They might even have gambolled around the fields holding hands and singing songs, it's just impossible to say.

Quite clearly, this had to die. So I took it upon myself to kill it.

Majicmushroom was, to my mind, the one most associated with Unity so he copped it too. Simple really. Granted, many saw this as unfair, but then that could be the way of the scene. Like I said before, it seemed so important at the time.

I remember some LSD members trying to be 'neutral arbiters' at the time. Which was silly of them really. Us Anthroxers could be a very unreasonable (read: "certifiably insane") bunch at times.......

Ah, great days

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