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Originally Posted by Methanoid
U know anything U can share?
Ah, you must have been after my time. Or I just didn't register you joining. The demo and cracking sides of the group were always pretty seperate as I recall.

Sprog!! going soft? Hahahaha. Excellent!

I got back in touch with Thrash about a year or two ago. Gave him a few games of Quake III and he absolutely slaughtered me. I was on broadband, he was on a modem. Not Good

My machine died and I lost his mail address and ICQ details. So I've not spoken to him for ages. But he was doing well and, as far as I could tell, was pretty happy with life.

Last time I had any contact with Leo was in 1998 via e-mail. I think he'd finished at Oxford and was off doing clever things My memory escapes me though.

I still see TGR (He's a doing well as a contract programmer) every now and then and have kept in contact with TDK (Freelance musician - Still a genius at it). Other than that, I'm completely out of touch with all of the old ATX crew.

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