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Originally Posted by Methanoid
Mungo, what happened to Hydro? I know Sprog!! still lives local to me but haven't seen him in years.....
God, I really don't know.

I talked to Hydro less and less once the cracking side of the group got going. 'My' bit of Anthrox was only ever the Amiga demo side - The cracking side of things was a confusing and scarey place that I knew next to nothing about .

We had a couple of titanic rows that didn't help matters either. But mainly I just fell out of touch with him when I discovered my life outside of the Amiga.

Say hello to Sprog!! from me if you run into him again. He was a top chap! And Darren, if you're reading this, show yourself! Would be great to find out what you've been up to for all these years!
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