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You know it really beats the hell out of me !!

I literally have one button to fill on the menu of The Tribute II DVD.
I have completed and burnt the DVD twice since yesterday....Once with the Gamebase setup included for Gamebase Amiga...I asked permission and was denied by the creators.....Then i remade it with AIAB included instead.....again refused permission....

Why the hell do people make these things then turn around and say you cant use it if thier are not so legal games or roms included !! ....Do they honestly think its only angels and Priests that use emulation how the hell is AIAB or gamebase supposed to work without the 3.1 rom for starters

Why make front ends for illigal things......its like buying a writer and saying its fine as long as you dont burn with it

A simple " Sure i myself am happy for you to use it but dont quote me on that will you" would do

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