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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT
Anthrox - For Fun not Status
You could also have had:

Doing it for the Kids
Pain is just the beginning
Be Fast not F.A.S.T

And any number of others. We had loads of the bloody things. I think the cracking/training side only ever used 'For Fun Not Status' - You'd need to extract Hydro from the mists of time to find out for sure.

The others were used pretty early on by the demo side.

For the trivia fans and saddos among you, Aztech (One of our first 'in house' musicians) was the one who came up with 'For Fun Not Status' and 'Doing it for the Kids'. Count Zero came up with the other two.

The rest of us could never be arsed.

'Pain is just the Beginning' was dropped because some of our members could not spell the word 'beginning' on a regular basis. And we figured that the word 'pain' could, all too easily, be substituted for 'lame'. Sigh......

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