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Oh, and to answer one of Bloodwych's old questions which I also seemed to miss i.e.

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
I've noticed that both EMUs now open in small windows rather than full screen like Snes9x used too.
If running from the DVD:
... Snes9x: all options are configurable. Snes9x will only open in a small windows if you select Revert back to "Default" emulator settings. You can select all other "Best" options and these will be applied.
... Zsnes: will open in a small windows as this is the default "straight out of the box" option and unchangable due to file based configs.

If running from the HDD:
... Snes9x: all options are configurable.
... Zsnes: all options are configurable.

I decided that "default" for both emulators should be exactly this i.e. default and have no settings applied. This is so that if the user has issues they can go back to how everything was before playing with settings...

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