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Originally Posted by Macca
I think the 'too easy for people' is the entire point of this DVD.

Originally Posted by Macca
In my opinion having it simple is the best way to go - it opens up a lot of doors to people who wouldn't be able to use them
It is simple to use but does set all the "best" options for the user IMHO.

Originally Posted by Macca
The sound issues also may be related to sound card incompatability or drivers - I haven't really looked into it yet. I'll finish the DVD I'm doing then take a good look at it.
Agreed Macca.

@sarek2k: it has to be something with your PC and incompatibility with the emulators. Have you tried downloading Snes9x or Zsnes, installing / running it? You will probably have the same issues

Like I have said above I've tried this on 2 "low" end laptops + 3 PCs of varying specs and no problems what-so-ever... I think that if you are to solve these problem / issues you may need to either e-mail the authors or visit the forums of each emulator. The emulators have not been updated in a while and may just not work on the new AMD CPU that you have... I would love to be able to assist you more but unfortunately I'm not really sure how else to help. Sorry

Macca and all others who have the DVD: When you get the chance I would really appreciate it if you did spend some time checking out the final DVD and let me know if you also experience anything undesired

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