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I think the 'too easy for people' is the entire point of this DVD.

After speaking with Damien he didn't want to allow his DVD to be messed up just because the users of it weren't too affay with the technology that they are using.

In my opinion having it simple is the best way to go - it opens up a lot of doors to people who wouldn't be able to use them otherwise (I take WinUAE for example - one of the hardest emulators to setup as a novice - especially with diskchanges, setting up hard-drives, etc.) and hence Gamebase Amiga will help a lot with this kind of thing.

I certainly won't be putting any copies on Ebay, etc. and if any copies do appear on there it's pretty easy to figure who put them on there and then exclude them from the future DVD releases.

The sound issues also may be related to sound card incompatability or drivers - I haven't really looked into it yet. I'll finish the DVD I'm doing then take a good look at it.
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