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Hi DamienD

finally got round to testing your DVD on my NEW noisey computer Amd 64 3500, 1 gig ram, Pci Express graphics card which is faulty and has to go back (6600) after a week of running this PC the graphics card noise is a little reduced and i can cope with it (The fan is hitting the plastic outter casing hence causing the noise) however it's like a paddle fan (like a water wheel, rather than a fan above the graphics cpu if you know what i mean!)

Anyway as per your request i tested snes9x again and this time it works a lot better, it now seems to run an awfull lot better the sound is bad at the start because it's set that way to start with via the options 8bit quality blah blah! (could you not have ramped that up a bit to at least 16bit mono 44khz or summat and increased the buffer size of 8 ms cause even a shit pc these days will cope better than that even a celery )

I tried my fave pilotwings and i set some graphics options as i had a tiny window to play game i have not figured what all the options do but it is running smooth compared to what it was on the P4, i don't know whether it's an Amd optimized version you've included in the package or what but on the p4 it's an awfull experience! just for the record for any one comparing i had a p4 "prescott" Lga 775 processor running at 2.8ghz with retail fan i now have an Athlon 64, 939 running at i do believe 2.2ghz on other games like cnc zero hour i have noticed little if any difference!

A lot of my m8's who swear by AMD have gone from 32bit Amd Athlons upto 3.2 ghz however Any Amd 64 bit is gonna bury them where as a P4 2.8ghz isn't such a slouch it's self!

I'm no guru on hardware but i do know about fpu's etc and cache making a big difference like you get on Amd Sempron vs an Athlon or indeed 64 bit versions and the same between pentiums and celery's

Going back to the sound issues at the start if the sound is choppy crap 8 bit quality etc by default your market you aimed at (the point and click people) are gonna be very dissapointed and think the emultor isn't gonna work right even if they have an amd 4000 or a pentium 3.6ghz dual core etc!

People who want to run an emulator from a DVD and do nothing at all to the settings don't deserve to run it! Even if we could figure a way to sort it, would be 200 copies on ebay straight away so is it such a good thing??? put it this way we all have to learn to run emu's, sort out controller configs etc, Is no easy way however you cut it!

anyway thats my ramble over for tonight!

just 1 final thing my new saying : If you make things too easy for people they will abuse it!

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