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Originally Posted by andreas
Oh, thanks a lot for putting my efforts in relation to those of that guy, very sensitive, yes really
As if to say: "Well, Jay Miner REALLY did quite a lot more for the Amiga than Gary Peake"

At least today, tactfulness is not your middle name, maybe blame the weather
Today I have made many valid points regarding what members do on here..

The only person I see complaining is you and I don't know why!!!

You do A LOT for this community and your input/effort and everything else you do regardless is appreciated.. especially by myself.. I have never slagged or belitled you or questioned anything you have said regardless...

My reply in this thread wasn't to put you down, or big you up.. it was to show that there are a lot of members who put a lot of their own free time in projects for others and expect nothing in return except maybe the odd thanks.. and unless I am mistaken you are one of these people who would rather give to the amiga community rather than take from it...

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