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"WHERE I CAN" = where they are ADOS, that is
NDOS is custom (too custom for my taste, I'll leave that to this world's toad-capers and guys who name themselves "this is stupid!" in their native language etc. )
(Any similarity to real human beings is neither intended nor anticipated. )

To get this thread back apart from flame wars again, THIS statement from Toni had me bewildered a lot:
Selling WinUAE is 100% legal. Check GPL license for more information.
Seems I really have to re-read the stuff again, as I seriously thought that you do violate GPL when you *sell* a GPL-licensed software.
*Parts* of GPL-code may be used under license, so far I know from Adobe, who use Trolltech's Qt stuff which IS under GPL but which requires a paid license if you plan to include the work inside a closed-source app.
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