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Originally Posted by quahappy
RE: Bippym's post

F*ck me!! No.... don't answer that one, please.

I wholeheartedly agree - if I had the time I would certainly be contributing in any way or form to all the DEDICATED HARD WORK all you guys provide to keep the Amiga alive and all for FREE.

I think thats been along time coming, Bippym... and well said too.
Thanks.. I went off on one a little bit.. things like that get my goat!

But I'm sure all those involved in the many, many projects and other bits on here will agree with me too..

I forgot to mention the hardware guys who help out so much on here (thomas (Who lives in the harware forum I think) and alexh and the others who I can't remember)

oh and let us also give som kudos to andreas for his relentless searching for rare games and rare alts etc... and repairing damaged rarities where he can
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