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I do agree with bippym. And I mean 100% ! Ever since I discovered this forum and registered, I could experience how kind and helpful people here actually are. The only Amiga-related stuff I was "ready-able-and-willing" to pay for was the "Amiga Forever" package. Because it's the only one that is available from a genuine "legal owner". Any other site that bills people for the downloading of copyrighted stuff should be sued. This is a fact.

Because of the above, I myself feel committed to helping anyone I may ever be able to help. For free. I'm nothing more than a "former user/still lover" of the Amiga, and I still feel grateful to the amazing people who dreamt and created it. If new Amiga software were still available for sale nowadays, I guess I would still buy some.

And I also feel grateful to the people who keep this forum up and running, which includes the fair state of mind that goes along with it. Thank you so much, guys !

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