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Think i'll explain why I felt the need to go off on one in my previous post above (oh and this rant will be longer!!)

There are a LOT of members on here who do A LOT of work for the amiga community.. You have the likes of dlfrsilver and the wolf and others who hunt down and try (at their OWN cost in some instances) to get abandoned/unreleased games out to all of us.

There are the APoV (Cody, Blackcornflake) team who write a magazine (bi-half yearly atm) and and HOL guys (Cody, Andreas, Codetapper and more) who keep the biggest amiga game database there is UP TO DATE.

Lets not forget the Amiga tosec guys.. [Idoru], DamienD, Adderly etc who sit for hours testing, renaming, identifying adf's so that we can see what has been released, who it was by etc..

Then there are the winuae frontends (Gamebase by Belgarath and Lemonade by the Lemon Amiga forum). Again users who sit for hours, writing interfaces, testing games etc.. to make YOUR amiga gaming simpler and more intuitive..

Also there is Toni Wilen and all the previous programmers of undeniably the BEST Amiga emulator bar-none.. who spends his OWN free time writing, bug fixing and implementing many new features into WinUAE.

Then there are the ready made workbench guys.. Amikit and bloodwychs own replacement ClassicWB

There are also the WHDLoad guys who write game installs for all those classics and expect NOTHING in return.. there is also Killergorilla who takes SPS images and creates WHDLoad installed games which is then hosted by another member (more below) so the average joe can get them for FREE

Oh lets also not forget the SPS guys who have invested a lot of time/money into properly opreserving original amiga games in their ORIGINAL state.
Let us also not forget RCK who provides us with the network at HIS cost.. he hosts many projects on his servers.. Let us also not forget Woody57 who also hosts a lot of projects on his deadwood inc network.

oh and if you are thinking what the hell does Bippy do for the community well here is a list of projects I'm involved/have been involved in..

Flashback DemoDVD
Active tosec renamer (I supplied over 1000 renamed adf's for the next update)
APoV reviewer (inactive atm)
HOL contributer
Working (very part time) on the new Hardware DB to compliment HOL
Gambase and Lemonade beta tester
WinUAE beta tester
EAB Moderator (Believe me I read near enough every post regardless of how much I think the content is crap!!)

I have also posted DVDs to various members for FREE (I actually have a pile here I am posting to argentina this week)

what have all these people got in common (other than Amiga)???? they ALL DO IT FOR FREE

There are many, many other projects going on around the world too

so please.. don't line the pockets of some wanker who thinks he is providing you with a service.... save your money and look harder.. what you want can usually be found from here in some way or another.. Also if you are interested get involved with the many projects that are up and running..

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