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Sarek, name mistake noted.

Damien, thanks for the detailed responses - especially at that time in the morning and after a few drinks!

Anyway, yes you are correct. I did already read about the first drive having to be the DVD drive but it slipped my mind while testing, just like Sareks true name.

I had another go on my single drive machine and it worked fine. Most people have only one drive so this should be a rare issue. I just happen to have a CDRW and DVD on secondary. In fact, my main setup is perhaps different to 99% of other peoples PCs (multiple optical drives, dual boot, several partitions on large HDs etc) so it's not the best testing environment if you want to go by the average person, which this DVD is aimed at!

As for the Windows9x comment, as I said I just tested it out of interest and agree very few will be running this older OS. I am a harsh tester!

Anyway, me and my work colleges salute you sir! Today I'm bringing in my game joypads as mentioned earlier for a quick Mario Kart session at lunch.
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