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Originally Posted by Bloodwych
The DVD works absolutely fine running from the DVD drive after setup, but I did have issues using the menu to copy files to the hard disk. It just said something about "invalid file" and 0 files being copied. I can’t get the menu to copy any files across to either the C, D, E or F drives listed.
Forgive me guys, been out drinking tonight but will try to answer the questions / issues raised. My answers may be a bit hard to understand

Hey Bloodwych,

Thank you for you very kind comments, much appreciated my friend onto the issues you were having:

I have tried this DVD on 4 x PCs / laptops now and all have worked 100%... There is only one requirement absolutely essential to this whole DVD. This is that you need to have the DVD drive set as the first available CD / DVD drive... I tried to work out how to have this "auto-detect" which of your CD / DVD drives the disc was actually in but in the end I failed... Long story...

Anyway, the errors that you speak of mean to me that either the DVD drive is not set as the first available of your CD / DVD drives or the drives that you have selected to copy everything to is not available (if this is not the case then please let me know).

You can do a test if you like? Run a command prompt, change to the DVD drive, then change into the directory \SNES\DESKTOP. You should find there's a file there called CD_DVD.CMD... If you run this it will detect the first CD or DVD drive found and assign this letter to %CD-ROM%. Now type SET and you will see a line that says "CDROMS=???". This will be your first CD / DVD drive found and SETUP.EXE will use this alphabetic value when copying everything to any HDD partition. If this found letter is not actually the drive where the DVD is inserted then all copying will fail as it calls on this letter

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
I’m also guessing after seeing this menu that we still can’t select the install path as it causes too many issues? I read the save files have to go on C: regardless somewhere in this thread too.
Yes, unfortuantely given the complexity of having 2 different emulators available (one "registry" based and the other "file" based) it was only possible to have a common ROMS directory (assigned to Z: via subst) and one common SAVES directory (set to C:\SNES\SAVES\SNES9X and C:\SNES\SAVES\ZSNES respectively). Saying that, I probably could have gotten this working with the "registry" based emulator, the real issue is the "configuration file" based emulator Zsnes. The problem being "how can you input a user's selected path into a .DAT file that's mumbo-jumbo" (take a look at \SNES\EMULATOR\ZSNES\zguifcgw.dat through Notepad to see what I mean)

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
The setup menus can crash windows 9x if you try to exit them without using the internal menu system. Also brings up bad file or command name in the top left hand corner and complains about certain registry commands. No one really uses these old versions anymore but I just thought I’d test.
Unfotunately I cannot say what will happen on any PC / laptop that is not Window 2000 / Windows XP as I don't have a PC / laptop with Window9x to test on anymore... The registry files are Window 2000 / XP specific

I just hoped that anybody in this day and age would have nothing prior to Windows 2000. Saying this though, I know that there are still a few very minor exceptions...

Originally Posted by Bloodwych
I like Saraks initial options he had on the autorun menu so you can launch the frontends (zSnes/or Snes9x) from the autorun menu. In fact, this seems the best option for launching the front ends when running from DVD. A shortcut is the best option only if the files are installed to the hard drive.Anyway, I’m nitpicking and it’s all a matter of opinion. The main thing is it works and I’ve already had hours of fun.
No, by all means please be "nitpicky". This is the feedback I really want...

Yes, sarek2ks suggestion of having the autorun menu launch the frontends for either emulator is a good one. The only thing with this is that there is quite alot of stuff behind the scenes that needs to happen in order for this to run smoothly. Plus if you had the options there on the autoplay and the user did not go through SETUP then it will not work as no settings have been made to allow this...

Desktop shortcut... It doesn't matter if you run this from the DVD or any of the given choices for HDD partitions, the desktop shortcut will be copied across correctly and point to the required drive letter... The only reason that the desktop shortcut would not get copied across successfully is same as above i.e. the DVD drive is not set as the first available CD / DVD drives. Everything depends on this, I guess I should have made it very clear in the README...

However, if anything I've said above is not true on the PC / laptop you've tried this on then please let me know.

Bloodwych, thank you again for your time in providing excellent feedback and questions. I only hope that I've answered them adequately. If not then please let me know.

Best regards

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