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Great DVD and the autorun menu looks absolutely awesome! Fantastic work!

I've noticed that bath EMUs now open in small windows rather than full screen like Snes9x used too. I agree this is the best option as users can then maximise the display once they've used the windows as a preview to the actual game. Works really well and having the two best emulators available is just the icing on the cake.

Knowing a SNES in my pocket would go down well, I took this into work today and fired it up in our lunch hour. Lets just say there were some nostalgic peeps gathered around the PC and they got well excited. Most have never used an emulator in their lives and hadn’t seen a SNES game in years! They were lapping it up and wanted a copy straight away! Some want me to bring joypads in tomorrow so we can have a competition on Mario kart! Fantastic!

Now some issues I’ve noticed:

The DVD works absolutely fine running from the DVD drive after setup, but I did have issues using the menu to copy files to the hard disk. It just said something about "invalid file" and 0 files being copied. I can’t get the menu to copy any files across to either the C, D, E or F drives listed. I’m also guessing after seeing this menu that we still can’t select the install path as it causes too many issues? I read the save files have to go on C: regardless somewhere in this thread too.

The setup menus can crash windows 9x if you try to exit them without using the internal menu system. Also brings up bad file or command name in the top left hand corner and complains about certain registry commands. No one really uses these old versions anymore but I just thought I’d test.

I like Saraks initial options he had on the autorun menu so you can launch the frontends (zSnes/or Snes9x) from the autorun menu. In fact, this seems the best option for launching the front ends when running from DVD. A shortcut is the best option only if the files are installed to the hard drive. Anyway, I’m nitpicking and it’s all a matter of opinion. The main thing is it works and I’ve already had hours of fun.
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