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More information on RAW, and a link to copying RAW + subchannel data from this link:

I got a LiteON DVDRW for the reason they are supposed to be one of the best copiers around (the older Plextor CD writers were apparently good too). From what I understand, reading in RAW mode means copying errored data without trying to correct it, which is what some copy protection schemes need. You would then write the data in RAW mode to write back the errors. Sorry I cannot be more exact on the RAW stuff but it's been awhile.... maybe someone else can be more helpful.

What I do know for sure, is that if you want to make an exact copy, you need to at least copy ALL of the subchannel data. Some CDs may not even store anything there so it may not matter, but for others it will. I have no idea if Amiga CDs used any copy protection of this sort etc.
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