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Cool Here is what I've tried so far..

I downloaded PFS(Pro File System) and mounted PF0:. I tried this cause I remember experimenting with this file system back in the days. This did not help however, I wasnt able to read the disks.

I also tried SFS(Smart File System), just in case, but this did not recognize the disks either.

It's not possible to get directory listings or read the disks as it is now. Usually when the Amiga can't read a disk that is in a different format it displays "DF0:???" in the disk icon in Workbench, but in this case it displays "DF0:AB01", "DF0:AB02", "DF0:AB03".. and so on, but it's impossible to access any data. But because it does display these AB01 AB02 and so on, it sort of makes sence to me that they are in some kind of Amiga format, right?

I hate it when I can't remember how I made these disks I used to be this hardcore Amiga user and had the Amiga 1200 in a tower case with a harddrive, but at some point the harddrive crashed and my setup was lost, so I can't go back there either to check what software or filesystem setups I used to use.

Maby somebody out there has a solution
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