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Gordon Bennett
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I've seen that OQO tiny PC before. Naturally my first thought was "handheld Amiga." It is a pity that it can't handle games and demos properly. I suppose some dreams may have to wait.

By the way, how does VICE run on it? Have you tried Steem or any other Atari ST emulators on it?

To the subject. Once I had my modem, I pirated constantly. Even when I was running a pitiful 1200 baud, and a single disk could take two hours to upload or download, I pirated in my sleep. I was also interested in demos, diskmags, and other forms of PD, but I certainly never hesitated to copy what I could find.

In my defense, there were few other options. For the brief time when the shops around me carried Amiga software, I bought all that I could afford. Once that option was gone, I still bought import copies of Amiga Format and Amiga Power, as the coverdisks were quite literally the only software for Amiga that I could find for sale by early 1991. Granted, there was always the option of mail order, if I took the time to look for it.

I didn't.

I guess the only up-side to Amigas being so very rare were those times when I met a fellow Amiga owner, usually through the BBSes. Every single one became an instant friend. As a PC owning friend once said upon introducing two of us, and listening to our critique of the intro to Epic, "You amiga people.. you're *different*."
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